Assertive Slip & Fall Premises Liability Attorney Securing Compensation for Mount Vernon Injury Victims

slip and fall premises liabilityIf you have suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident, the owner of the property may be legally liable for your pain. Slip and fall accidents, also known as premises liability, fall under the umbrella of personal injury law and you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injury. Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers has been representing personal injury victims in Skagit County for nearly a century and we would be both delighted and aptly prepared to handle your case.

What Counts as a Legitimate Slip & Fall Accident?

Property owners have a legal responsibility for maintaining their spaces to the level that any person exercising reasonable caution should be safe there. When they fail to create safe conditions, any number of things can go wrong. Common causes of slip and falls include:

  • Broken floors, such as cracks in concrete, damaged accessibility ramps, or uneven carpeting
  • Exposed wires, cords, or other materials that could trip someone
  • Spilled liquids or solids
  • Inadequate lighting

Comparative Fault in Washington

Washington state employs a pure comparative fault model for assigning responsibility in accidents. What this means is that any and all parties that contributed to the injury will assume some percentage of fault, even you.

Here’s an example. Say you trip over an exposed cord in a retail shop because you were scanning the space for a dressing room. A Washington court may find the retailer to be 90% at fault and you 10% at fault. This means that the retailer will only be obligated to pay 90% of the total monetary damages for which you sued. This model provides a set of challenges that are difficult to navigate without professional help. This is why it is imperative to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who can protect you and guide you through this struggle.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers helps Mount Vernon clients recover the compensation to which they are entitled for their slip and fall or premises liability injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a poorly maintained property, call us today at (360) 336-9515 to schedule a free consultation.

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