Empathetic Elder Abuse Lawyer Protecting Mount Vernon Seniors

elderly hand gripping walkerElder abuse is unfortunately too common of an occurrence in nursing homes and other care facilities. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to victimizing circumstances due to several factors, including diminished physical health and/or mental capacity. They may not be fully aware that they are being taken advantage of or too intimidated to stand up for themselves. They need their loved ones to be their eyes and ears and to take action when something bad has happened. We can help you secure justice and compensation for their injuries and suffering.

Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can happen in many forms, ranging from physical, mental/emotional, or financial. Things to be vigilant of include but are not limited to:

  • Physical indicators: Bruises, broken bones, pressure marks, or other visible signs
  • Emotional indicators: Sudden changes in personality, such as submissiveness, fear, docility, or aggression
  • Financial indicators: Sudden changes in spending habits, giving large sums to unexpected recipients, liquidating assets and more may reveal that someone is manipulating or impersonating your relative to benefit financially
  • Suspicious caretaker behavior: Refusal of visits from relatives, friends, or medical professionals; strange responses to questions about physical or emotional changes; dismissive attitudes to those in their care; etc.

What Can I Do to Get Justice?

If your loved one has suffered an injury in a nursing home or care facility, you may be able to sue for compensation on their behalf. We can help you file a claim and follow the process to its end so that you and the elderly person in your life can feel safe moving forward. We will help you advocate for your relative and hold those responsible for hurting them accountable.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers helps Mount Vernon and Skagit County clients who have suffered nursing home abuse hold those responsible for their trauma accountable. If you or a family member has sustained injuries due to elder abuse, contact us today at (360) 336-9515. We’ll schedule a free consultation so you can share your story and get started on the path to justice.

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