Competent Probate Lawyer Helping Mount Vernon Families Execute Their Loved One’s Wishes

scales of justice symbolizing the importance of a fair probate processProbate is the legal process of executing someone’s estate after they pass away. This task typically falls on the deceased’s surviving spouse or children and may be included in his or her will. Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers helps families in charge of this process comply with all state laws, as well as represents individuals contesting a will and everything in between.

Probate When There is a Will

The execution of an estate with a valid will is easier to handle. The will should outline who the executor is and how assets should be distributed. The executor is responsible for filing the estate with the courts who may choose to intervene depending on the size of the estate, debts owed to creditors, and whether heirs accept or contest the contents of the will.

Probate Without a Will

The probate process is much more complicated in the absence of a will. Without a will, an estate is immediately subject to court intervention. The court will appoint an executor and decide which surviving family members and/or other parties are entitled to what percentage of the assets, regardless of what the deceased wanted or intended.

Get the Help of a Probate Professional

Even in the presence of a will, estate liquidation can be a very involved and complex process. For example, creditors have up to two years to petition for payment from an estate if the executor is not prompt in handling the situation. Attorney Jayne Marsh Gilbert has been helping families with probate for over 20 years and can guide you seamlessly through this stressful time.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers helps Skagit County families who have recently lost someone execute their final wishes through the probate process. If you need help managing an estate, call our Mount Vernon office today at (360) 336-9515.

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