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glasses on a legal pad representing guardianshipA legal guardianship allows a mentally competent adult to make legal decisions on behalf of someone who can’t, such as a child, mentally disabled or elderly person with significantly diminished cognitive abilities. You must petition the court in order to establish guardianship which we are more than able to help you do.

How is Guardianship Different from a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is established by the person granting their own decision-making permission to someone else. Conversely, a guardianship is typically initiated and established by the person wanting to make decisions on another’s behalf. Put another way, it is exceedingly common for a person to grant a power of attorney to their spouse. A petition for guardianship may be used in the case of someone with an aging parent with progressing dementia.

Guardianship for Children

A guardianship clause is often included in a parent’s will in case of their unexpected death or a serious accident prevents them from caring for their child or children. If no such documentation exists in that scenario, a family member or close friend may have to apply for guardianship of the surviving child. Legal guardians are able to make healthcare, education, and financial decisions for the children in their care.

How We Can Help

We help clients who need to draft a legally binding guardianship agreement or who are interested in petitioning for guardianship over someone else. In either case, we’ll help you make the necessary preparations so that each step of the way is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers provides principled estate planning and elder law services to Mount Vernon and Skagit County residents. If you need help creating or amending a guardianship, call us today at (360) 336-9515 to begin.

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