Mount Vernon is the county seat of Skagit County, Washington. It has approximately 35,000 residents and is known in the Pacific Northwest for its annual Tulip Festival. Each year, millions of tulips are grown in Mount Vernon, making it a beautiful and serene environment for its residents and visitors.


Mount Vernon was established by settlers in the 1870s; its name originates from George Washington’s estate in Virginia. Located in timber-rich country, logging camps were quickly established. In order to sustain and entertain the loggers and eventually attract their families, saloons and shops were built and the city blossomed. After its initial population boom, growth was stymied by an ancient log dam on Skagit River that prevented freight ships from reaching or leaving the town. Growth resumed again (yet with less vigor) with the expansion of the railroad line in 1891.

Mount Vernon Today

These days, Mount Vernon is a pleasant city known for its tulip farms. It experiences heavy flooding from the overflowing Skagit River almost every year during times of heavy rain. The city has yet to build a permanent dike and, for many years, relied on its citizens to come out in droves and stack sandbags six feet high. In 2007, a movable flood wall was purchased from a Norwegian company that now takes the place of sandbags, though it still takes several hours to assemble.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers, a Mount Vernon Institution

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers was established in Mount Vernon back in 1921 by Warren J. Gilbert, Sr. Since then, the Gilbert family has been providing Mount Vernon residents with trustworthy legal services. Warren J. Gilbert, Sr.’s grandchildren, Jayne and Peter, now head the firm with impressive legal backgrounds, passion, and experience.

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