Burlington is a small city in Skagit County, Washington, located about 60 miles north of Seattle. It has approximately 10,000 residents and is included in the Mount Vernon-Anacortes Metropolitan Statistical Area. Most of the year, there is mild weather accompanied by copious amounts of rain.


Originally a logging camp, Burlington was founded by John P. Millett and William McKay in 1882. It was officially incorporated as a city in 1902. Like other cities in Skagit Valley, Burlington was often flooded by the overflowing Skagit River; in 1907, there was a particularly devastating flood. Due to this annual hardship, a system of river dikes were eventually installed.

Burlington Today

Each year, Burlington’s Chamber of Commerce puts on the annual Berry Dairy Days Festival, strawberries being the most featured berry. The festival originally served as a fundraiser for the fire department, but these days is just for fun. Other community events include decoy duck carving workshops and Tuesday night line dancing.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers has been serving the residents of Burlington since 1921. We are a family-oriented firm with three generations of legal industry work under our belts. We help Burlington clients in matters pertaining to criminal defense, estate planning and personal injury.

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