Anacortes is a western Washington city in Skagit County. Technically a peninsula in the Puget Sound, Anacortes serves as a ferry dock for the nearby Lopez, San Juan, Shaw, and Orcas Islands, as well as Victoria, British Columbia. The population of Anacortes is approximately 16,000.


The name “Anacortes” is the evolution of its founder’s wife’s name, Anna Curtis. The settler, Amos Bowman, was a railroad surveyor tasked with identifying places to expand rail lines in hopes of growing the timber industry. He found Anacortes in 1877 and envisioned the area would become a railroad terminus for Seattle and the northwest.

The city was officially incorporated in 1891, but later that year the real estate bubble burst, and the Oregon Improvement Company could no longer afford to continue building tracks through the Cascade Mountains. From that point on, residents of Anacortes mostly traded in fishing, timber and canning.

Anacortes Today

These days, Anacortes is a quaint tourist town popular with visitors of the San Juan islands and boating enthusiasts. Washington Park is a community hub for people camping, boating and whale watching. Three resident orca pods in the San Juan Strait are spotted annually by vigilant whale watchers in Anacortes. The Anacortes Community Forest Lands are a protected 2,800-acre area providing trails, rock climbing and camping sites.

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers

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